The ASA have ruled in favour of smart, the iconic automotive brand, by supporting the brand’s London to Edinburgh television advertisement.

The ad shows a time-lapse sequence of the two-seater car driving from London to Edinburgh.  The voiceover states that, “on one tiny 33 litre tank, a smart car can do 433 miles”.

The ASA has investigated and rejected claims that the ad is misleading.

In their adjudication the ASA stated: “We considered that the VCA* figures in conjunction with Mercedes’ evidence was sufficient to support the claim that a smart car could do 433 miles on one tank of petrol.  We concluded that the ad was not misleading.”

Dermot Kelly, Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Cars, said: “We’re delighted that the ASA has vindicated our position, on what is a very solid environmental and economical message, and decided to reject the complaints.

Kelly continued: “The television ad demonstrated that a drive from London to Edinburgh is proven to be well within the capabilities of the smart fortwo on less than one 33 litre tank of fuel.”

The smart range of cars starts from £6,912.44 on-the-road and is available through the Mercedes-Benz Retail network.  For more information about smart, log onto or call the smart Infocentre on 0808 000 8080.

Editor’s Notes

1.         *The VCA provide official fuel consumption figures at

2.         The smart fuel consumption figures by model are: mpg

ModelUrban cycleExtra-urbanCombined
fortwo cdi 45 bhp coupe & cabrio80.785.683.1
fortwo 61 bhp coupe mhd57.672.465.7
fortwo 71 bhp coupe mhd57.672.465.7
fortwo 71 bhp cabrio mhd55.470.664.2
fortwo 84 bhp coupe & cabrio44.168.957.6
fortwo BRABUS 98 bhp coupe & cabrio43.564.254.3

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