The pocket-rocket smart roadster is tops for fun, according to Top Gear Magazine

Celebrating the roadster’s back to basics driving pleasure, the compact and curvaceous smart sports car was awarded Most Fun Car in the magazine’s 2004 Top Gear Awards. 

Praising the car for its fun-packed drive and smile factor, Top Gear editor, Michael Harvey, said: “Sometimes we want to have a laugh.  Get back to basics.  In an over-engineered world that’s smart thinking.”

Top Gear, Britain’s biggest selling car magazine, got down to details and praised the turbocharged engine and lightweight body of the roadster, which translates into a blistering power to weight ratio of 101 bhp per tonne.

Jeremy Simpson, Head of smart in the UK and Ireland, said: “This is yet more recognition that the smart brand is challenging our perceptions about motoring today. First the iconic and revolutionary smart fortwo made us re-evaluate why we need to drive big cars and now the action packed smart roadster has re-awakened memories of sports cars from the 50s and 60s.”

smart launched the roadster onto Britain’s roads in September 2003.  By the end of March 2004, roadster sales will have risen to over 2,000 models.  The raunchy roadster and its roadster-coup√© sister are available with a 698 cc, 80 bhp engine.  The comprehensive range of standard equipment includes 6-speed automatic transmission, electric windows, driver and passenger airbag, electrically assisted power steering and the advanced traction control system ESP (Electronic Stability Program).  ESP includes additional functions which enhance the comfort and safety of the car; Hill Start Assist (HSA) and Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA). 

Prices start from £11,995 for the roadster light and customers can get more information on the roadster by calling the freephone number 0808 000 8080 or by logging onto